The Purrfect And Easiest Way to Improve Your Cat’s Overall Health – CBD Oil for Cats

CBD industry is rapidly growing and has left no stone unturned. It has been used in edibles, ointments, edible, beverages etc. Apart from these products, it has also made its entry in pets’ wellness. CBD has been found to be effective on pets. Cat owners can purchase CBD products specifically designed for pets to take care of their pet’s health concerns.

CBD effects on cats:

Just like with humans, cats have an endocannabinoid (ECS) system that regulates certain functions associated with mood, pain, sleep, immunity and appetite. CBD serves as a natural supplement to ECD. The common anxious behaviors of cats are hiding, obsessive grooming, hiding etc and CBD oil provides effective relief. The benefits include:

  • Enhancing overall (physical and mental) well-being of cats
  • Deals with behaviors like hyperactivity and nervousness
  • Has sufficient nutrients required for aging cats
  • Promotes a calming effect

Thinking about using CBD for your cat? Take your time to find a reliable CBD manufacturer. You could purchase CBD oil from https://www.relievet.com/products/cbd-oil-for-cats. Their CBD oil is a popular choice among cat owners. The website also features a dosage calculator which is a helpful guide for determining the dosage level.

CBD oil dosage:

The dosage depends on the weight of your cat and the CBD product in use. Cats require lesser dosage than dogs since they are more sensitive to CBD. For every 10lbs weight you can administer 1mg to 5mg of CBD oil.  If the cat weight ranges between:

  • 1 – 10 lbs: The average dosage is 4.2mg and strong dose is 8.4mg.
  • 11-25 lbs: The average dosage is 8.4mg and strong dose is 12.6mg.
  • 26- 40 lbs: The average dosage is 12.6mg and strong dose is 16.8mg.
  • 41 – 55 lbs: The average dosage is 16.8mg and strong dose is 21mg.

If you want to calculate it yourself, covert your cat’s weight in kilograms by dividing the pounds value by 2.2. Multiply the resulting value with the number of mg in the dose. Refer to the concentration of the CBD product you are using on the label and use it to calculate the volume of CBD oil.

Administering CBD for cats:

CBD oil is added with foods/ treats or alternatively you could squeeze the oil directly you’re your cat’s mouth. Some may have initial concerns regarding how to administer CBD to their pet since cats are well-known to be picky. Use these tricks to administer CBD for pets the easy way:

  • You could directly feed CBD oil by holding the dropper up and letting your curious cat lick it while you squeeze the dropper. If your cat moves away seek other options.
  • Either add the CBD oil to your pet’s empty food bowl or mix it with her favorite food. When you are mixing it with food, start with low doses so that the bitterness doesn’t stand out.
  • Dabble CBD oil on your pet’s paw and she’ll take care of the rest by cleaning her paw. If nothing works you could try this since this one gets messy and sometimes the product gets wasted.

CBD promotes overall wellness of your cat. If you have any doubts regarding the dosage, you can contact your CBD oil manufacturer and they’ll help you out.

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