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The Importance of Having a Weed Store ATM

Marijuana is being legalized all around the country. Canada already has it fully legal for years. The US is headed in the same direction.

Businesses that own stores in which they sell weed need an ATM attached to it. The importance of having a weed store ATM is significant for the business. If you want to know why, you should keep on reading this article, and you’ll learn more about it.

Selling weed is still a delicate issue

Around two-thirds of all Americans support marijuana legalization. That means, most of these people have no problem with seeing it sold in stores around the country.

However, there still one-third of the population refuses to accept that marijuana should be legal. This is not a number that should be ignored. If the US has a population of some 330 million people, it means that around 110 million people are not OK with selling and using weed.

Why is this important? It’s important because lots of the people who are about to buy marijuana in your store are not going to be happy people see them do it. There are married couples who have different views on this matter. One of them is going to be for, and one will be against the idea of marijuana legalization.

Knowing this, lots of people won’t be happy to show their card list and explain why they were buying weed. An ATM on the location is much easier to be explained. You’re providing an easy excuse and simple access to your products by letting people withdraw cash and buy anything they want without having written proof of what happened.

Adds profit

Everyone is happy when they can add to their profits a little more than expected. The ATMs job is exactly that. You’re going to have more profits by just having a machine helping people get their cash from their cards. See more about it here.

When you offer this service to your customers, you’re actually getting a part of the share together with the banks. People withdrawing from your ATM are going to leave a small portion for you. It’s just like when you’re withdrawing money from an ATM of a bank that is not the issuer of the card going in.

You’re getting a surcharge that adds to your monthly profits. Of course, this amount might seem not important compared to the money you’re making from the store selling weed, but if you look at the big picture, you’ll see that you have almost no expenses, and you make a lot of money out of nothing.

On top of everything, your customers are given the chance to withdraw cash on the location, which makes your store a desirable place for them. You’re raising brand awareness and you improve customer retention. Instead of your customers to go elsewhere, they’ll come back to you because you offer the best service in town.

Look for a local ATM provider

If you’re living in Oregon, you know that marijuana is legal for recreational use. Which means that people can get it anywhere they want it. In other words, customers will go elsewhere unless you offer something that others don’t have.

Getting a local company to help you with this service is the best thing you can do for the business. The ATM can be brought in a matter of minutes, installed, and start working. It’s the best thing you can do for your business. Choose a Portland company that has lots of options. Search through them and see what they have to offer. Learn more about weed in Oregon here:


The points from above are just what you need to know about having an ATM in your weed dispenser. They are explaining why you need it, and why is it good for you. As you can see, having one will mean getting more customers and having them happy to shop at your place.

You must purchase one locally because the local companies are going to offer the best deals for you. Once you have it installed on the scene, you can see how cash flows in without you moving a finger. Of course, aside from the regular business.

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